Welcome to LosPoblanosTacos.com!

4312 3rd Ave. Brooklyn, NY, 11232

We are open 6 days a week, Wednesday through Monday, from 9AM-6PM.

Be sure to check out our taco trucks, which are also open 6 days a week, from 6PM-1AM.

Tacos Los Poblanos started as a small, family-run taco truck in the heart of Sunset Park, dedicated to serving the most authentic and delicious Mexican food in all of Brooklyn. That dedication has continued, with the opening of our new restaurant, where we not only continue to serve the traditional tacos that we have become known for, but also tortas and burritos as well. We have since opened two more trucks, with one in another area of Sunset Park and another in the Brighton Beach area.

Be sure to also try all of our different sauces, from our homemade guacamole to our red hot spicy salsa.

We always use the freshest ingredients in all our foods and in all of our homemade salsas.